Welcome to the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, and Goshen Insect Control District website. Here, you will find general information about the District and our operations, as well as links to mosquito information and answers to some questions you might have about mosquito control. If you need to report mosquito problems or have other questions about our work please call 802-247-6779. You may also contact us with questions or concerns at BLSGDistrict@gmail.com. Please do not report mosquito problems via email; that should be done only by phone. Email should be used for general inquiries.

For recent information and updates about local conditions, go to our page called “What’s New.”

****************BLSG Needs Your Help!***************

The cases of EEE in our area in 2012, and the repeated presence of WNV in birds and mosquitoes, clearly suggest a new reality of life moving forward. The BLSG will do its best to reduce mosquito populations and protect life in our area, but we cannot do it alone; we need your help. Please consider one of two ways of joining the effort next year:

1) Become a trained driver of mosquito spray trucks. To do this, you would be issued materials to study and/or attend a several-hour course. You would then take a test given by the state and, if passed, you would become a certified pesticide driver. You could then be called upon to drive one of our mosquito spray trucks for up to 3 hours on given evenings, when needed, between May and September. Drivers are paid $15 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours paid per call.

2) Become a “Skeeter Defeater” larval monitoring volunteer. You would receive training from our larval coordinator and then be asked to periodically monitor one or more stations close to your home or business (or wherever it is convenient for you) and report back with any larval mosquito problems. That is all! This work would involve entering watery areas – ditches, swamps, wetlands—so you would need to either have your own boots or be willing to get wet. You can serve as sentinels for the District and help to locate potential problem areas that then would be treated. We can use pretty much all the volunteers that come forward, as we need them scattered across our four towns. We are hoping to build a large corps of Skeeter Defeaters, so please join us!

Both of these efforts would be a great help to the District next year in our efforts to control mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. If interested, please call our number at 247-6779 and leave a message with your name, an email and/or phone number and time to be reached, and your particular interest. Someone will get back to you.

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