Adulticide Program

The BLSG has a fleet of four trucks and specialized spraying machines for control of flying adult mosquitoes; these are the trucks you may see or hear driving through your neighborhood on summer evenings. We employ a team of drivers that must go through detailed training and become licensed by the State before they can spray. Spraying is done under very narrow weather conditions: it cannot rain, it must not be very windy, and it must be above 55 degrees. To avoid killing beneficial insects (such as bees or butterflies) spraying is done at dusk and after dark. Thus, we have only a couple of hours available on nights with good weather to reduce adult populations.

The extremely small droplet aerosols utilized in adult mosquito control are designed to impact primarily adult mosquitoes that are on the wing at the time of the application. Degradation of these small droplets is rapid, leaving little or no residue in the target area at ground level.

The mosquito treatments we use have minimal environmental impact. Our sprayers use small amounts of chemicals due to very fine atomization, and all chemicals are handled strictly according to law. However, if you wish to be excluded from adult spraying (e.g., you have an organic farm or a beekeeping operation), you should contact the BLSG in writing via P.O. Box 188, Brandon, VT 05733; this is due in early April of each year you wish to be excluded. Please include a tax map that clearly shows your property boundaries so that we can identify them on our maps as “no spray zones.” Note that our spraying machines apply materials to about 150 feet of either side of a road; areas further removed will receive little to no spray.

To find out if your area will be treated by a (ULV) Spray Truck:

Call 802-247-6779